Kung Fu Uniform Set in Satin Acetate Double Trim Sleeveless (Style 103-A) (Style 103-A)


This is a suitable choice for both men and women who are interested in practicing and performing martial arts. It is double-trimmed and the fabric blends in well, helping the wearer to feel comfortable even after extreme workout sessions. It is perfect for daily use and is washing machine friendly. Its unique and elegant design gives total freedom in every movement hence giving more flexibility to the wearer. Like other uniforms, it boasts of coming with different colors and sizes as well. Similarly, the color aspect is applicable for buttons and zippers as well. The uniform is user-friendly and use of high-quality materials ensures durability. The interlocking buttons serve the purpose beautifully and will not hinder the wearer’s performance at all. The unique double trim design makes a different cut from other uniforms thus making it stand out from rest of the uniforms. This uniform allows you with the opportunity to blend your style with performance helping you to achieve a position of excellence.

- Product is not in stock. Fabrics/materials are in stock. Custom made upon received your order.
- Superior Quality made by our seamstresses in California, USA. Guaranteed quality!
- Sleeveless Top with Pant (uniform set)
- Perfect for daily practice
- Durability and comfort
- Variety of different color selections

- Available in black, white, red, blue, green or gold.
- Trim and buttons available in black, white, red, blue, green or gold.
- Frog or interlocking buttons.

- 65/35 Poly/Cotton
- Dry Clean or Hand Wash only!


Kung Fu Uniform Set in Satin Acetate Double Trim Sleeveless (Style 103-A)

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      Sifu in Style 103A and 102A 

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